Worksheet: Write High-Converting B2B SaaS Landing Page Copy

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Your above-the-fold copy makes people decide whether to purchase in seconds.

But writing copy that converts is hard, especially if:

  • You’re a techie

  • You’re not a native English speaker

  • You don’t have a lot of time to write and rewrite copy

Conversion Loving Copy is a worksheet that

  • teaches you how to write above-the-fold landing page copy for your SaaS

  • walks you through understanding your customers voice

  • gives you 45+ phrase templates and how to use them to create standout copy

  • has all the best practices from Harry Dry, Alex Garcia, Julian Shapiro, and Growth Tactics built-in

  • gives all the instructions in plain English (no marketing jargon!)

When you’ve finished this worksheet, you’ve written your landing page copy from header to CTA.

PLUS: You know how to design your landing page so that your new copy fits and looks great.

Why am I making this worksheet?

Hi, I’m Sophia, Founder and Chief Brand Builder at Ignore No More.

Trying to develop an incredible product and market it as a solo founder or small-team startup is the equivalent of walking on Legos at 1 am.

That's why I started Ignore No More - to give startups like yours a leg up by connecting you with your audience and showing you how to provide value through your marketing in a way that makes you impossible to ignore.

Before I started Ignore No More I worked in-house for an $8M+ B2B SaaS company building their branding, marketing strategy, and redesigning their website. I understand the dev-customer communication breakdown firsthand.

Over the years I’ve developed a process to build landing pages for bootstrapped B2B SaaS Co’s like yours.

This worksheet is the core framework for writing copy that converts.

More than just a worksheet
This worksheet includes

  • Pre-filtered databases to help you automatically sort your core customers that you should tailor your copy for

  • Plus 45+ headline phrase templates, including 20+ objection-specific phrases so you can answer people's questions like a mind reader.

Want a professional copywriter and native English speaker set of eyes on the final draft?

Book a 30min session with me to get

  • additional layout suggestions

  • copy fine-tuning

  • personalized suggestions on social proof, CTA’s, and value-packed visuals

We’re building a library of tools for B2B SaaS Founders

This is our first product, but each month we're releasing a new tool to make you branding clearer and your marketing pop in less time with better results.

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Worksheet: Write High-Converting B2B SaaS Landing Page Copy

3 ratings
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