DIY Standout SaaS Branding Worksheet

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Your brand sets your company apart from competitors and tells customers they’re in the right spot in seconds.

But creating an standout brand that drives sales is hard, especially if:

  • You’re a dev who hates marketing
  • You don’t have design skills
  • You’re not a superb writer

DIY Standout SaaS Brand is a worksheet that

  • Walks you through how to build the brand your customers are looking for
  • Provides clear steps to choosing an un-ignorable name
  • Gives tools and recommendations to the design fundamentals needed to look clean and professional
  • Explains how to create copy guidelines for your SaaS that you can easily use
  • Gives a step-by-step walkthrough to adding personality to your brand
  • Lists all the brand assets you actually need
  • Includes a Figma file for managing and organizing your assets
  • Gives all the instructions in plain English (no marketing jargon!)

When you’ve finished this worksheet, you’ve created a brand that can’t be copied and customers will love.

PLUS: you have all your design files at the ready so you’re not searching for your logo in a pile of desktop files

Why are we making it?

Hi, I’m Sophia, Founder and Chief Brand Builder at Ignore No More! 👋🏽

Trying to develop an incredible product and market it as a solo founder or small-team startup is the equivalent of walking on Legos at 1 am.

That's why I started Ignore No More - to give bootstrapped startups like yours the foundations of a brand that connects with customers in a way that makes you impossible to ignore.

I’ve worked in-house for an $8M+ B2B SaaS company and understand the struggle of devs trying to brand, design, and copywrite first hand.

Over the years I’ve developed a process to build brands that stand out for bootstrapped B2B SaaS Co’s like yours.

This worksheet is the core framework for creating brands customers love (and keep coming back to!).

More than just a worksheet

Need the help of a professional strategist to make sure you’ve done your branding right?

Book a 30min session with me to get:

  • Clear feedback on your naming, positioning, and design
  • Copy fine-tuning
  • Personalized suggestions on your social proof, CTA’s, and value-packed visuals

We’re building a library of tools for B2B SaaS Founders

Going from code to copywriting and design is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

As fellow (self-employed!) Indiehackers we want to help your side project made day-job money so you can have the financial and schedule freedom you crave.

That’s why we’re dropping a new guide, worksheet, or microSaaS every month to make your marketing easy(ier) and your branding catch and hold the attention of potential customers.

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DIY Standout SaaS Branding Worksheet

0 ratings
I want this!